This is watch. The only time keeping device you would use. In 1914.
We used to have only one time keeping device.
But now all of our pesonal devices tell time

But before even though we have so many smart devices, telling time was the same as a century ago

Time put into the perspective
We utilise contemporary technologies to tell time in perspective to other events.
New speechless Siri in notification center
Create events in calendar, task manager or even make an errand for your wife.
Time learn your habits and with time can predict the future
Your phone already knows all the usuall places and time you go to the dieferent places
Smart Notifications. Only the important stuff.
No unwanted clutter, time put into the perspective
Talk with your computer, don't fiddle with menus
Read important stuff. Glance on others.
Feels Like Time
Perceive time naturally and always be one step ahead
Some thinks which you want to se daily
Everything is sunked across all the devices
Get the Time now
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