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Get the new perspective on your order
Entropy is a new concept of better time tracking in a digital era. It is a system of showing time, notifications and other useful stuff in a relevant perspective view.
Entropy is a symbol of time and change, will help to manage, track and race the time.

Entropy is a measure of the "disorder" of a system. ‘S’ is the symbol of Entropy
Entropy is universal
It is a system which works on all of your digital devices: it syncs everything up so all of your devices would show the same information at any specific time
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What can it do?
Automatic Data gathering
Entropy collects the data from you devices. it builds your general schedule from location services.

And determine specific locations via wi-fi hotspots or near bluetooth devices.
Auto Schedule and time prediction
Via Automatic Schedule combined with your calendar, Entropy knows where and when you want to be.

By studuing your patternt and using enviromental information such as traffic it can predict the timing of your schedule or warn you that you will be late

'Feels Like' Time
For better psychological perception of time Entropy doesn't constantly show the 'Real Time'. Instead it shows you the time which 'Feels like it' similiar to wether apps.
By studying how you approach the deadlines it can determine the best possible time to show you

It shows the asterisk sign* for not universal time. The universal time can be accessed in the menu ot in the notification center.
Based on the context of the current situation entropy gives you smart tips on what to do next on better time management.
It Also provides more context to time.
Smart Notifications
Important notifications behave as small apps to provide fast access for the relevant features of the given notification.

Likes and Comments
Entropy notifies you only about important information and hides useless notifications on the bottom of the screen

It deletes the notifications when you've done watching them, but you can pin it to remember important information.
Natural Language
Entropy makes it easy to create events and reminders. It utilise natural language controls both for speech and text.

Sometimes text is just more appropriate than speech. For axample in meetings or noisy transport.
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