Communicate with people using twitter in real life. It's as easy as tweeting your mom. Everyone on the event will see it.

Experience LED technology
LED screens are fascinating. If you think about it, you realise how much of technologies are wasted to just display 'Flowers 24 hours' in an acid green colour. At the same time LED screens attract more eyes that traditional light boxes, in a sense it's more Viral than any other sign. We decided to make most of the LED screens and create a interactive message board from it.

It works just as SMS-chats on music channels!
Just tweet something with a predetermined #hastag and everybody in the bar or conference will see it!
Meet somebody, be a star or a smart-ass the possibilities are endless!
The one might think that #LEDTWIT is useless, but actually it is an interesting way of communicating in a crowded room where nobody know each other.
How to set up #LEDTWIT?
Plug in your #LEDTWIT panel and connect it to the computer or a smartphone.
Use the #LEDTWIT setup program and choose your wi-fi connection
Choose the hashtag from which you want to gather tweets. By default it is #LEDTWIT.
You can even choose more difficult settings such as gather twit from only limited number of users
Start tweeting!
By that time everything is set to work. Make somebody famous for 5 minutes!
How does it look and work?
The #LEDTWIT shows the chosen #hashtag in a standby every 30 seconds. All the other time it shows the last tweet it gathered. (it's a video by the way)
Behind the scenes
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