Meet Oink — easiest way to save money
Oink is the money managing service which doesn't require to type any data manually. It analyses your spendings and motivates you to spend money more efficiently.

There is no need to input anything
Oink collaborates with banks to gain access to users' transaction data. It gets info about the store, the amount of money transferred and time of the transaction. Based on this context Oink understands what was the deal.
Date + Time + Amount + Place = Context
You buy something every day at ~11am for ~300 rubles at Starbuck
You withdraw every month on the 7th ~40 000 rubles
You pay in many places every Friday for a total of ~ 3 000 rubles

Know everything about your current situation
Learn how much you have left for a week till salary, why do you need to stop drink so much coffee and when will you be able to buy your beloved playstation you so much wanted with just one glance

It's as easy to track your money on a plastic card as if it were physical money
Salary is a timeline
Only human language
Meet Colin, your Personal Finance Manager

Colin will guide you through the journey of managing your money better. Ask him anything about your finances. He understands human language and will answer you in English.

Do everything via chat
There is no need to navigate through countless menus to get what you need. Just write in the chat and Colin will understand what you need or ask more questions. It is efficient and quick.

Chat not only in the Oink app
You can chat with Colin not only in the Oink App but also in the messenger of your choice such as Telegram or Facebook Messanger. That way Colins advice will not be perceived as noisy app notifications, but as a wise app that adapts to your habits.

Smart notifications
Oink notifies about every transaction you did just as SMS notifications from banks. Oink designed to be your primary tool to see how much money you have.

Besides only informing about transactions, Oink motivates you to spend less after irrational purchases and even before you intend to do so. In order not to bore users, every time notification is different.

If you do not answer, Colin will change his behaviour
Depending on how you interact with the application, you will receive different notifications. If you do not follow the advice and don't open the application for a long time, Colin will notice it and won't send you anything for five days.

Gamified experience
Oink is highly gamificated. There are user levels with unique illustrations, stories and perks. Users receive different classess based on their spendings. To get experience points user should complete different quests based on money saving.

Custom quests
Based on spendings, goals and shopping list each user gets personalized quests. So if you are planing to travel to Japan this summer, most of the tasks till this date will be dedicated to saving enough money to have a great trip.

Oink remembers when you pay your rent, get paid and spend your money. All of this is automatically recorded on the calendar. With it, you can get a perspective what your current situation is.
Also, you can manually plan large spends such as shopping, vacations or even debt repayment. Just tell Colin what you want to buy and whey or send him a picture. He will understand.

Daily spendings
Oink is designed to replace your banking application. It is a representation of your virtual wallet. Therefore, to show the correct picture, you can view all your expenses throughout the time of use of this service. You can chek your daily spends in the app or even at the iOS notification centre.
Our reviews
The best money managing application on the Russian market.
Colin is just adorable. You won't see such a friendly application anywhere.
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Oink — easiest way to save money
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