How Entropy can be possible?
Entropy might be a concept, but all the technologies are already there to make it reality.
Your Devices
Now you have lots of devices: several computers at work, home and your second work, your phone, maybe a tablet or even smart watch. Usage of these devies can tell a lot of things about you
General Directions by GPS
Your phone already knows generally where you live, where you work and how late are you usually.
Specific places by Wi-Fi
Wi-Fi networks provide more specific locations than GPS. If you are connected to 'Yandex Private Network 3' from 10AM to 7PM, Entropy will know, that you work not only on Lva Tolstovo 16, Entropy knows that you work in Yandex
If Entropy detect connection to ‘Ford Focus Stereosystem’ it will know that you are in a car. Moreover, if it also detect that there are 4 other bluetooth signals, it will know that you aren't alone.
See how Entropy in action, where it helps track time for
Ivan the Entrepreneur

32 Years old
Work on a Job
Goes to Gym
Always late

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